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From Pixelmon Wiki

A Firebreather is a Fire-type NPC Trainer. Firebreathers use mainly Fire-type Pokémon that range from level 20 to 40.

Possible Pokémon

Spawn Biomes

Vanilla Biomes

Biome Biome ID
Desert minecraft:desert
DesertHills minecraft:desert_hills
Desert M minecraft:mutated_desert
Mesa minecraft:mesa
Mesa (Bryce) minecraft:mutated_mesa
Mesa Plateau minecraft:mesa_clear_rock
Mesa Plateau F minecraft:mesa_rock
Mesa Plateau M minecraft:mutated_mesa_clear_rock
Mesa Plateau F M minecraft:mutated_mesa_rock

Pixelmon Biomes

Biome Biome ID
Ultra Desert pixelmon:ultra_desert

Biomes O' Plenty Biomes

Biome Biome ID
Oasis biomesoplenty:desert_oasis
Shrubland biomesoplenty:shrubland
Lush Desert biomesoplenty:lush_desert

Traverse Biomes

Biome Biome ID
Red Desert traverse:red_desert
Mountainous Desert traverse:mountainous_desert
Desert Shrubland traverse:desert_shrubland
Canyon traverse:canyon



Before 4.0.2

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