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From Pixelmon Wiki

Forests is a Better Spawner Category that contains by default the following biomes:

Vanilla Biomes

Biome Biome ID
Flower Forest minecraft:flower_forest
Forest minecraft:forest
Wooded Hills minecraft:wooded_hills

Biomes O' Plenty Biomes

Biome Biome ID
Grove biomesoplenty:grove
Grove Clearing biomesoplenty:grove_clearing
Meadow Forest biomesoplenty:meadow_forest
Mystic Grove biomesoplenty:mystic_grove
Orchard biomesoplenty:orchard
Seasonal Forest biomesoplenty:seasonal_forest
Seasonal Orchard biomesoplenty:seasonal_orchard
Woodland biomesoplenty:woodland

Biomes You'll Go Biomes

Biome Biome ID
Boreal Clearing byg:boreal_clearing
Boreal Forest byg:boreal_forest
Boreal Forest Hills byg:boreal_forest_hills
Deciduous Clearing byg:deciduous_clearing
Deciduous Forest byg:deciduous_forest
Deciduous Forest Hills byg:deciduous_forest_hills
Forest Fault byg:forest_fault
Grove byg:grove
Jacaranda Clearing byg:jacaranda_clearing
Jacaranda Forest byg:jacaranda_forest
Jacaranda Forest Hills byg:jacaranda_forest_hills
Maple Hills byg:maple_hills
Maple Taiga byg:maple_taiga
Orchard byg:orchard
Pointed Stone Forest byg:pointed_stone_forest
Pumpkin Forest byg:pumpkin_forest
Red Oak Forest byg:red_oak_forest
Red Oak Forest Hills byg:red_oak_forest_hills
Seasonal Deciduous Clearing byg:seasonal_deciduous_clearing
Seasonal Deciduous Forest byg:seasonal_deciduous_forest
Seasonal Deciduous Forest Hills byg:seasonal_deciduous_forest_hills
Seasonal Forest byg:seasonal_forest
Seasonal Forest Hills byg:seasonal_forest_hills
Skyris Highlands byg:skyris_highlands
Skyris Highlands Clearing byg:skyris_highlands_clearing
Skyris Peaks byg:skyris_peaks
Skyris Steeps byg:skyris_steeps
Stone Forest byg:stone_forest
Wooded Grassland Plateau byg:wooded_grassland_plateau
Wooded Meadow byg:wooded_meadow
Woodlands byg:woodlands
Zelkova Clearing byg:zelkova_clearing
Zelkova Forest byg:zelkova_forest
Zelkova Forest Hills byg:zelkova_forest_hills

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