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From Pixelmon Wiki

Freezing is a Better Spawner Category that contains by default the following biomes:

Vanilla Biomes

Biome Biome ID
Cold Taiga minecraft:taiga_cold
Cold Taiga Hills minecraft:taiga_cold_hills
Cold Taiga M minecraft:mutated_taiga_cold
Cold Beach minecraft:cold_beach
Frozen River minecraft:frozen_river
Frozen Ocean minecraft:frozen_ocean
Ice Mountains minecraft:ice_mountains
Ice Plains minecraft:ice_flats
Ice Plains Spikes minecraft:mutated_ice_flats

Biomes O' Plenty Biomes

Biome Biome ID
Alps biomesoplenty:alps
Alps Foothills biomesoplenty:alps_foothills
Cold Desert biomesoplenty:cold_desert
Snowy Forest biomesoplenty:snowy_forest
Snowy Coniferous Forest biomesoplenty:snowy_coniferous_forest
Tundra biomesoplenty:tundra
Snowy Tundra biomesoplenty:snowy_tundra
Glacier biomesoplenty:glacier

Traverse Biomes

Biome Biome ID
Glacier traverse:glacier
Glacier Spikes traverse:glacier_spikes
Snowy Coniferous Forest traverse:snowy_coniferous_forest

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