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Gem structures

From Pixelmon Wiki

Note: The material detailed below is obsolete and can no longer be accessed.

Gem structures are small buildings that each contain a certain type of hallowed Gem, used to complete the Spectral Jeweller's task. Each type of Gem (excluding the Fairy Gem) is housed in a different Gem structure, with each structure spawning in different biomes based on the structure's type. In the center of every Gem structure is a PokéLoot chest resembling a GS Ball that contains the respective hallowed Gem. This Gem can either be given to the Spectral Jeweller for its task or used like a regular Gem.

Gem structures can be spawned using the command /struc gem(1-17), with each number corresponding to the respective Gem structure in alphabetical order.

Gem type Structure Biomes
Grid Bug Gem.pngBug Gem BugStructure.png Forest, Birch Forest, Roofed Forest
Grid Dark Gem.pngDark Gem DarkStructure.png Swampland
Grid Dragon Gem.pngDragon Gem DragonStructure.png Extreme Hills, Extreme Hills+
Grid Electric Gem.pngElectric Gem ElectricStructure.png Savanna, Savanna Plateau
Grid Fighting Gem.pngFighting Gem FightingStructure.png Mesa, Mesa Plateau, Mesa Plateau F
Grid Fire Gem.pngFire Gem FireStructure.png Desert, Desert Hills
Grid Flying Gem.pngFlying Gem FlyingStructure.png Mesa Plateau, Mesa Plateau F, Savanna Plateau
Grid Ghost Gem.pngGhost Gem GhostStructure.png Forest Hills, Birch Forest Hills
Grid Grass Gem.pngGrass Gem GrassStructure.png Plains
Grid Ground Gem.pngGround Gem GroundStructure.png Desert, Desert Hills
Grid Ice Gem.pngIce Gem IceStructure.png Ice Mountains, Ice Plains
Grid Normal Gem.pngNormal Gem NormalStructure.png Plains
Grid Poison Gem.pngPoison Gem PoisonStructure.png Jungle, Jungle Hills
Grid Psychic Gem.pngPsychic Gem PsychicStructure.png Plains
Grid Rock Gem.pngRock Gem RockStructure.png Extreme Hills, Extreme Hills+
Grid Steel Gem.pngSteel Gem SteelStructure.png Taiga, Taiga Hills, Cold Taiga, Cold Taiga Hills
Grid Water Gem.pngWater Gem WaterStructure.png Beach, Stone Beach, River, Ocean

Structure types

Bug Gem structure


The interior of a Bug Gem structure is a two-floor maze. The PokéLoot chest is on the second floor.

Dark Gem structure


The normal chest inside a Dark Gem structure is a trapped chest, but it is not connected to any sort of trap. It is also empty, however.

Dragon Gem structure


Electric Gem structure


Some of the chiseled stone bricks found in Electric Gem structures are Silverfish in disguise. If the difficulty of the world is not peaceful, mining these blocks will spawn Silverfish. The pressure plates inside the structure raise the pistons in front of them, blocking access to the chest unless the player steps back or dismantles the device.

Fighting Gem structure


The tripwires and tripwire hooks in Fighting Gem structures are for decoration and do not trigger any traps.

Fire Gem structure


Flying Gem structure


Each Flying Gem structure contains a small parkour course, with the PokéLoot chest at the summit.

Ghost Gem structure


Grass Gem structure


Ground Gem structure


Ice Gem structure


A trapped chest can be found inside each Ice Gem structure in addition to the PokéLoot chest. This chest contains nothing and has no trap linked to it.

Normal Gem structure


Poison Gem structure


There is a trapped chest in each Poison Gem structure that is linked to two dispensers. However, the chest and the two dispensers are all empty.

Psychic Gem structure


The iron doors used in Psychic Gem structures are invisible, acting as invisible walls.

Rock Gem structure


Steel Gem structure


Water Gem structure


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