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From Pixelmon Wiki
Grid Gift Box.png

A gift box is a special Christmas-themed item that can be obtained by defeating a wild Delibird between December 20 and December 31. It may only be opened between December 25 and December 31. The box may be opened by using it, having an 80% chance of containing an Egg containing a random Pokémon (similar to the /pokegiveegg command) and a 20% chance of giving the player one piece of coal. A player can only receive and open a gift box once per world.

Pokémon drops

Pokémon Chance Quantity
Delibird 100% 1

Config settings

  • "allowRandomSpawnedEggsToBeLegendary": Whether or not the gift Egg has a chance of hatching Legendary Pokémon.
  • "pokémonDropsEnabled": If disabled, no Pokémon will drop items and gift boxes will be unobtainable outside of Creative mode.

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