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From Pixelmon Wiki

Hellish is a Better Spawner Category that contains by default the following biomes:

Vanilla Biomes

Biome Biome ID
Basalt Deltas minecraft:basalt_deltas
Crimson Forest minecraft:crimson_forest
Nether Wastes minecraft:nether_wastes
Soul Sand Valley minecraft:soul_sand_valley
Warped Forest minecraft:warped_forest

Biomes O' Plenty Biomes

Biome Biome ID
Crystalline Chasm biomesoplenty:crystalline_chasm
Undergrowth biomesoplenty:undergrowth
Visceral Heap biomesoplenty:visceral_heap
Withered Abyss biomesoplenty:withered_abyss

Biomes You'll Go Biomes

Biome Biome ID
Brimstone Caverns byg:brimstone_caverns
Crimson Gardens byg:crimson_gardens
Embur Bog byg:embur_bog
Glowstone Gardens byg:glowstone_gardens
Magma Wastes byg:magma_wastes
Subzero Hypogeal byg:subzero_hypogeal
Sythian Torrids byg:sythian_torrids
Wailing Garth byg:wailing_garth
Warped Desert byg:warped_desert
Weeping Mire byg:weeping_mire
Withering Woods byg:withering_woods
Quartz Desert byg:quartz_desert

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