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This part of the installation guide covers installing the official Minecraft launcher, and Pixelmon with it.

Forge Installation

Step Example
Go this page, and find the latest build (at the top, 1.12.2 - Click the "Installer" button to download the Forge installer. (An advertisement page may appear. Do not click anything except the Skip button that will appear.)
Run the installer once it has downloaded, select "Install Client" and hit Ok .
Once this is complete, launch the Minecraft Launcher.
Click the installations tab near the top.
There now should be a Forge profile listed. Check it's here. If it is, you may skip ahead and hit "Play".
If your Forge profile is not listed, click "New installation".
Under version, look for your installed Forge profile. Once found, select it then click "Create". Then "Play"
Once Minecraft has loaded up, the Forge version number should be in the bottom left. Close Minecraft and proceed with the Pixelmon installation.

Pixelmon Installation

Download the latest version of Pixelmon from here. Select the green Download button.
Open the Minecraft launcher. Click the "Installations" tab on the header bar of the launcher.
Go to your installed Forge profile. Click the folder icon to the right on the profile.
There should be a mods folder that has been created now. If there is not one, refresh your view (try the F5 key). If that fails, create one.
Place the downloaded Pixelmon file in to the mods folder. Do not extract or edit the downloaded jar. Simply place/copy it in to the mods folder.
In the Minecraft Launcher, hit "Play". Check the "Mods" section on the main menu. If Pixelmon is listed here, it was installed correctly. Have fun!

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