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From Pixelmon Wiki
Mega Evolve.png

Mega Evolve is a move skill that allows you to get a Mega Pokémon outside of battle. To use it, you must have the Pokémon's Mega Stone, and it must be equipped to the Pokémon. You must also have the Mega Bracelet equipped.

Using this move causes the Pokémon to undergo the evolution animation and then directly change into its Mega form. This form will revert on battle start, recall, or when being placed in a PC.


If you meet the requirements, you can activate a Pokémon's Mega form outside of battle by doing the following:

  1. Send out the Pokémon that you want to Mega evolve.
  2. Use the "cycle external move" key, B by default, to get to the Mega Evolve option.
  3. Use the "use external move" key, G by default, to get your Pokémon to start evolving.

The currently-active external move is shown in the top right corner of the screen.


  • Pokémon that get Mega-evolved out of battle will still gain their Mega statistics, which can then be viewed through the Summary window or through sidemods.
  • Prior to 6.2.3, you had to defeat a boss Pokémon of a similar type to the Pokémon you wanted to Mega Evolve first in order for the move to work. This has since been fixed.

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