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Note: This plugin is no longer being maintained by the Pixelmon sidemod team. The newer, maintained version of this concept is Simple Dex Rewards.

Pokédex Rewards is a Pixelmon sidemod that lets players claim rewards for every 10% of Pokédex completion. Possible rewards include economy money, items and special shiny tokens which players can then redeem to turn a Pokémon shiny, all configurable.


Minecraft version Pixelmon version Pokedex Rewards version
1.12.2 7.0.0+ 0.8.1
1.12.2 6.2.0+ 0.7
1.10.2 5.0.4+ 0.5

Pokédex Rewards is meant to be run on a server, and cannot be used by clients. SpongeForge and a Sponge economy plugin (e.g. EconomyLite, TotalEconomy) must be installed in order for Pokédex Rewards to function correctly.

  1. Download Pokédex Rewards for your version of Minecraft and Pixelmon.
  2. Place the downloaded .jar file in the mods folder, along with SpongeForge and your economy plugin of choice.
  3. Start the server, and check the configs that are created by your new plugins. Edit to taste.
  4. Reload the config with /pokedexadmin reload if necessary.


Note: Command syntax is displayed in the standard Minecraft command format. An explanation of this format can be found here.

Player commands

  • /pokedex (aliases /pd or /dex) : The base command for checking your Pokédex, and claiming rewards.
    • claim : Claims a reward, if one is available. New rewards become available every 10% of Pokédex completion.
    • count : Shows how many Pokémon you've caught, and what percentage you're at.
    • convert <slot> : Converts the Pokémon in the chosen slot to shiny, if you're holding a shiny token and the Pokémon isn't shiny already.
    • remaining : Shows a formatted list of every Pokémon you still need.

Staff commands

  • /pokedexadmin (aliases /pda or /dexadmin : The base command for managing the sidemod.
    • reload : Reloads the configuration files.
    • getshinytoken : Creates a new shiny token, and gives it to you. Can be given out to other players as a reward for events or the like.


Note: The base and admin nodes are required for their respective info commands. Deeper nodes are required for any subcommands. The list commands currently show all subcommands, even those that the user has no permission for -- keep this in mind.

Player nodes

  • /pokedex: pdrewards.base
    • claim: pdrewards.base.claim
    • count: pdrewards.base.count
    • convert: pdrewards.base.convert
    • remaining: pdrewards.base.remaining

Staff nodes

  • /pokedexadmin: pdrewards.admin
    • reload: pdrewards.admin.reload
    • getshinytoken: pdrewards.admin.gst

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