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From Pixelmon Wiki
Type NormalType.pngNormal
Category  Physical
Power  50
Accuracy  —
PP  —
Priority  0
Target  Random opponent
TM/Tutor  None
External move  None

Struggle is a damaging Normal-type move that is used by all Pokémon when the PP for all of their moves are depleted. Despite being a Normal-type move, Struggle will deal normal damage against Rock, Steel, and Ghost-type Pokémon and will not be affected by same-type attack bonus. Struggle does not miss and will deal ¼ of the user's maximum HP as recoil.

Struggle will also be used under conditions where the Pokémon cannot use another move due to Taunt, Imprison, Disable, Torment, or choice items.


No Pokémon can learn Struggle normally, but all Pokémon will be forced to use Struggle if they lack another move to use.

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