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Version history/Even More Pixelmon Commands

From Pixelmon Wiki

This is a list of versions of Even More Pixelmon Commands, along with the changes that each version made.


Released June 21st, 2020.

   * Added the final gen 7 Pokémon (Meltan and Melmetal) to /checktypes.
   * Added some missing earlier forms like Primal Groudon to relevant commands.
   * Added all of the gen 8 Pokémon and forms, Galarian regional variants included.
   * Fixed EnumAlolan crashes caused by 8.0.0+ changing how regional forms are listed internally.
   * Fixed the Tapus having wrong national dex IDs under /checktypes. I don't think anybody noticed.
   * Fixed /spawndex occasionally spawning Mr. Mime when Flabébé was specified.
   * Removed a leftover debug message from /spawndex.


Released March 31st, 2020.

   * Fixed /checkstats and /showstats erroring out when checking the Lake Trio maximum enchantment count.


Released September 27th, 2019.

   * /checkstats and /showstats now show hyper training boosts.
   * /showstats now shows a special message for hidden abilities.
   * Abilities shown in /checkstats are now underlined to emphasize that you can hover for details.
   * Hidden abilities shown in /checkstats are now italicized, as they should've been.
   * Fixed EMPC's main command alias potentially not being listed right when starting up/reloading.
   * Removed free recheck fluff from /checkstats and /showstats. Explained in the command helper, instead.


Released May 27th, 2019.

   * /randomtm: Gives the targeted player a random TM. Can also do HMs, if the flag is passed.
   * /resetdex: Resets the targeted player's Pokédex back to zero. A PC can be used to re-register Pokémon.
   * Fixed shown IVs and EVs always being rounded down.
   * Likely fixed /resetevs failing to actually reset EVs in certain situations.
   * Re-added the "-s" shinyness flag on /spawndex with a hacky fix, and removed an erroneous "-b" mention.


Released February 2nd, 2019.

   Major (breaking) config changes:
   * RENAMED THE MOD! We're now "Even More Pixelmon Commands", and we've shed some weight. Original, I know.
   * (regenerate ALL configs, copy back old data manually if necessary)
   * Added a ton of missing forms to /checktypes.
   * Added the showing of levels and abilities to /checkstats. Ability info is localized using client locale!
   * Also added the showing of levels and abilities to /showstats. (hover only)
   * Also added a free re-show option to /showstats.
   * /checkevs: Shows the EV yields from defeating a given Pokémon.
   * /partyhatch: Replaces old /timedhatch party functionality. Has its own optional cooldown, if so desired.
   * /partyheal: Replaces old /timedheal party functionality. Can also do the whole cooldown thing.
   * Bumped SpongeAPI to 7.1.0, Forge from 2655 to 2768 with the last pre-1.13 mappings. Might fix some issues?
   * Changed default alias for /checkstats into /gs, as /cs is taken by the super-common WorldEdit. :(
   * Enabled /checktypes showing Alolans by default, as we're now on gen 7.
   * Merged the command listing and /pureload into /empc, using a child command setup. (just like PB)
   * Reload now reloads everything, always.
   * Readied almost everything for gen 7! /spawndex needs some love, still.
   * Replaced /checkegg with /checkstats, which now has all of the old command's features and settings.
   * Replaced /forcehatch with /timedhatch and /partyhatch.
   * Reworded /showstats anticheat wording to be a bit less paranoid.
   * Fixed /checktypes not recognizing two Tapus when entering their name as two separate words.
   * Fixed Alolan Geodude/Graveler/Golem not showing up as suggestions for the normal ones with hints enabled.
   * Fixed /timedhatch eating money when doing a party hatch with a cost set on a party that has no eggs.
   * Fixed a few issues with excess blank lines on syntax messages. Also hid confirmation stuff from console.
   * Fixed bad copy/paste comments in the /timedhatch and /timedheal configs.
   * Fixed some inconsistencies with shown command parameters.
   * Fixed the accidental double check for valid config folders when reloading configs.
   * (temporarily?) Removed the -s shinyness flag from /spawndex due to 7.0 breaking it.
   * Also removed /spawndex's "pure black" option as it seems to have broken. Outlines no longer persist, either.
   * Removed /forcestats for the time being. Needs work, 7.0 broke it good.
   * Removed /upgradeivs + /dittofusion + /resetcounts. They need a LOT of work. May become separate sidemod(s).
   * Removed excessive logging. We'll now log only important stuff, at all times.
   * Removed showFormMessage and showAlolanMessage from the /checktypes config as they're useless.


Released June 6th, 2018.

   * Added a Lake Trio ruby enchant check to /checkstats and /showstats, similar to the recent Mew one.
   * Added a %pokemon% placeholder to /spawndex's fake message option, and updated its config.
   * Added no-economy support for everything except for /dittofusion and /upgradeivs, which show clean errors.
   * Killed off a few unnecessary messages. Reworded a few others to convey the same info, where necessary.
   * Fixed "a blocks" typo on /fixgenders, when used from command blocks.
   * Fixed /pixelupgrade console info messages showing up as "PU Info info". Oops.
   * Fixed /pixelupgrade showing it hiding further messages when used from console, even though it wouldn't.
   * Fixed /showstats "This Pokémon is gigantic" when "giant" is apparently perfectly valid, here.
   * Fixed configs for /showstats, /timedhatch and /timedheal showing the wrong altcooldown permissions.
   * Fixed debug logger breaking with a NullPointerException if the main config was broken.
   * Fixed inconsistencies with several command errors. Might cause minor visual glitches -- please report.
   * Fixed missing EVSpecialDefense tag for /forcestats.
   * Fixed some inconsistencies with the /pixelupgrade (command listing) command descriptions.


Released February 13th, 2018.

   Major (breaking) config changes:
   * Completely reworked /showstats and its config; it now uses hovers for its info. Regenerate this config.
   * /fixgender: Fixes Pokémon affected by breeding bugs or bad commands. Experimental!
   * /spawndex: Spawns Pokémon based on their Pokédex number. Can add neat effects, like an outline.
   * /timedhatch: Hatches eggs (slot or party) on a configurable cooldown, for a configurable cost.
   * /timedheal: Heals Pokémon (slot or party) on a configurable cooldown, for a configurable cost.
   * Added a fancy Unicode arrow ("➡") to /checktypes and the new /showstats hover mode.
   * Added a Mew clone count check to /checkstats and /showstats.
   * Added an alternate VIP cooldown to /showstats and the two new timed commands.
   * Added battle checks to many commands, as they can't work reliably during battles. Prevents wasted cooldowns.
   * Added Poipole (ID 803) and up to /checktypes and the new /spawndex.
   Experimental console support:
   * /checkstats
   * /checktypes
   * /fixgenders
   * /forcehatch (this command has become kinda useless, may be merged into /timedhatch soon)
   * /forcestats
   * /pixelupgrade (command list, only prints commands that work from console)
   * /timedheal (bypasses cooldowns)
   * /timedhatch (bypasses cooldowns)
   Experimental command block support:
   * /fixgenders
   * /forcehatch
   * /forcestats
   * /timedheal (bypasses cooldowns, can be wired to do stuff like healing zones!)
   * /timedhatch (bypasses cooldowns, can be wired to automatically hatch whole teams)
   * Changed a bunch of helper text to hopefully explain things a bit better.
   * Changed many command messages to be a bit more professional.
   * Changed max-IV formatting for commands like /checkstats to italic to work around an external bug.
   * Changed the default numLinesPerPage for /pixelupgrade from 20 to 10 to accomodate smaller chats.
   * Changing command aliases no longer requires a reboot. Experimental.
   * Made /checkstats on eggs only refer to /checkegg if the player has its permissions. Still configurable.
   * Made Alolan Pokémon in /checktypes accessible through the less awkward "/checktypes Alolan NAMEHERE".
   * Made names like "Tapu Koko" work in /checktypes.
   * Moved /showstats from chat printing to a far cleaner and smaller setup using hovers.
   * Rewrote the internal config loader. Mostly helps maintainability, but filesize also benefits.
   * Shortened many console messages. Work in progress.
   * Switched to a #.#.# versioning system again (major/minor/patch) and started keeping proper changelogs!
   * Fixed /checkegg mentioning free rechecks when no price is set. It'll now continue silently.
   * Fixed /checkstats not showing the nickname on shiny Pokémon.
   * Fixed /checkstats's gender/size/nature line occasionally splitting into two? Hopefully THIS works.
   * Fixed /dittofusion mentioning upgrading instead of fusing in some places. Oops.
   * Fixed /resetcount not recognizing "ALL" correctly because I forgot I never fully finished it. Derp.
   * Fixed /upgradeivs saying legendaries were shiny on debug messages.
   * Fixed Ho-oh not working correctly in /checktypes.
   * Fixed main config not loading correctly if command configs were missing but a main config DID exist.
   * Fixed missing spaces in front of the pipes when showing EVs in /checkstats.
   * Fixed a bunch of other bugs that were too small to mention, mostly formatting issues.
   * /fixevs: As of Reforged 6.2, EVs cap at 252 (gen 6+ cap) instead of 255, making this command obsolete.
   * /fixlevel: The bug it was made to fix (EVs not increasing when at the level cap) no longer exists.
   * Removed a few of the less useful config-set aliases. You can still set them manually.
   * Removed a few older internal aliases that weren't being shown anywhere anyways.
   * Removed baby IV checks from several commands, as Reforged updated to the gen6+ way of doing things.
   * Removed commandCost from /checktypes as this info is easily Googled.
   * Removed per-config versions, as they turned out to be useless.
   * Removed showFixEVsHelper from /checkstats as /fixevs was removed. See "Removed commands" for more info.


Released December 28, 2017.

   * Added /showstats.
   * Added version info to all the command configs, showing when the config was made.
   * Fixed several formatting issues and reworded a few things.
   * Moved debug logger to the main config, simplified it a little.
   * Ported everything over to Reforged, our new home.
   * Re-enabled numLinesPerPage.

2.0 beta 2

Released July 7, 2017.

   * Bugfixes. Exact details were lost.

2.0 beta

Released June 29, 2017.

   * Added /switchgender.
   * Fixed /dittofusion passing on a sacrifice's stats a bit too early.
   * Changed internal encoding to UTF-8. Fixes certain inputs on /checktypes.
   * Fixed a deprecated command option showing in /resetcount's helper text.
   * Made it so things like changing Shiny status no longer require a reconnect.
   * Fixed /upgradeivs's debug logger showing it as another command.
   * Temporarily disabled the numLinesPerPage setting in the info command due to issues.

2.0 alpha

Released June 24, 2017.

   * Added /resetcount.
   * Added /checktypes.
   * Completely reworked config file format.


Released May 22, 2017.

   * Added /checkegg.
   * Added /dittofusion.
   * Made the plugin public.


Released May 20, 2017.

   * Added /forcehatch, /checkstats, /upgradeivs and much more.

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