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From Pixelmon Wiki

This is a list of versions of LegendaryPlus, along with the changes that each version made.


  • Up the range for the title message to find the nearest player
  • Add api to add a legendary/ub/shiny in the file
  • Added /lastshiny
  • Fix crash with the timer api
  • Fix issue where an UB was call twice


  • Fixed an issue with the title option not working correctly.


  • Fixed legendaries and UBs with spaces in their names breaking /ll and /lu.


  • Now /legend <legendaryname> will return the text in the lang file like the /legend command
  • Fix issue with /ll and /lu if the leg or the ub was in ranch


  • Added command /ub (work same as /legend but for ultrabeast)
  • Now people can use & node for colored message
  • Added {playerph} placeholder in language file for displaying which player capture or defeat a legendary/ub
  • Added {state} placeholder in language file for displaying the state of the legendary/ultrabeast (Captured, Alive, Defeated or Despawned)


  • Optimize a bit the code
  • Remove option ultrabeast
  • Now UltraBeast have his own data
  • Add the command /lastub


  • Add language configuration
  • Add the command /lpreload
  • Add option to add UltraBeast to /lastlegend


  • Update for pixelmon reforged 7.0.6
  • Fix a bug that legendaries Tapu wasn't registered in the /lastlegend... Do you think it's my bad ? Yes it is T.T


  • 7.0 compatibility


  • Add configuration file to allow other legendary like birds which you set spawn them naturally to be displayed in /lastlegend


  • Fix the day that return the week day and not the good number
  • Fix the month that have 1 month too late (07/07 instead of 07/08) (For /lastlegend)


First release

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