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Advancement Customization

From Pixelmon Wiki

See this page for how to write your own Advancements using these Pixelmon Advancement triggers.

Trigger Conditions Description
"pixelmon:ball_capture_trigger" "pokeball":"<Pokéball name>" Triggers when the specified Pokéball is used to successfully capture a Pokémon. It accepts the internal name of the Pokéball eg: poke_ball
"pixelmon:legendary_capture_trigger" "pokeball":"<Pokémon name>" Triggers when the specified Pokémon is captured. It accepts the name of any currently in-game Pokémon as well as the word legendary
"pixelmon:pokedex_trigger" "percent": # Triggers when the Player fills their Pokédex to the percentage required. Accepts decimals from 0.1 and 100.
"pixelmon:spec_trigger" "spec": Pokémon spec Triggers when the Player catches a Pokémon that fulfils the Pokémon spec
"pixelmon:capture_type_trigger" "type": Type "count": # Triggers when the Player catches count of Pokémon that have type
"pixelmon:wild_battle_victory_trigger" "wild_kills": # Triggers when the Player defeats wild_kills Pokédex.

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