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This is a list of advancements in Pixelmon. See Advancement Customization for a list of triggers.

Pokédex Advancements

  • Grid PC.pngYou picked a starter!: Pick a starter. Pokédex (1 Pokémon).
  • Grid Poké Ball.pngOne out of ten isn't bad right?: Fill 10% of the Pokédex (90 Pokémon).
  • Grid Sport Ball.pngClimbing the ranks: Fill 25% of the Pokédex (225 Pokémon).
  • Grid Great Ball.pngHalfway there!: Fill 50% of the Pokédex (450 Pokémon).
  • Grid Ultra Ball.pngCollector Extraordinaire: Fill 75% of the Pokédex (675 Pokémon).
  • Grid Master Ball.pngPokémon Master!: Fill 100% of the Pokédex (899 Pokémon).

Battle Victory Advancements

  • Grid Poké Ball.pngOnly took me four tries *Fist pump*: Defeat your first Pokémon in battle.
  • Grid Poké Ball.pngNose to the grindtsone: Defeat 50 Pokémon.
  • Grid Poké Ball.pngGet your grind on!: Defeat 1000 Pokémon.
  • Grid Poké Ball.pngTime Flies!: Defeat 5000 Pokémon.
  • Grid Poké Ball.pngAre we still counting?: Defeat 50000 Pokémon.
  • Grid Poké Ball.pngOh hey, I guess we were: Defeat 100000 Pokémon.

Pokéball Advancements

  • Grid Poké Ball.pngWell, it's One for the Money: Catch a Pokémon with a Pokéball.
  • Grid Premier Ball.pngTwo for the Show: Catch a Pokémon with a Premier Ball.
  • Grid Great Ball.pngThree to get Ready: Catch a Pokémon with a Great Ball.
  • Grid Ultra Ball.pngNow go, cat, go!: Catch a Pokémon with an Ultra Ball.
  • Grid Sport Ball.pngGooooooooooooooooal!: Catch a Pokémon with a Sport Ball.
  • Grid Dive Ball.pngInto the Deep: Catch a Pokémon with a Dive Ball.
  • Grid Moon Ball.pngTo the Moon Alice!: Catch a Pokémon with a Moon Ball.
  • Grid Fast Ball.pngStruck Out: Catch a Pokémon with a Fast Ball.
  • Grid Nest Ball.pngGive it a good home: Catch a Pokémon with a Nest Ball.
  • Grid Quick Ball.pngRound one knock out: Catch a Pokémon with a Quick Ball.
  • Grid Level Ball.pngGet in the ball little one!: Catch a Pokémon with a Level Ball.
  • Grid Park Ball.pngCheater!: Catch a Pokémon with a Park Ball.
  • Grid Love Ball.pngMatch Maker: Catch a Pokémon with a Love Ball.
  • Grid Lure Ball.pngBait taken: Catch a Pokémon with a Lure Ball.
  • Grid Cherish Ball.pngFor the ones you love: Catch a Pokémon with a Cherish Ball.
  • Grid GS Ball.pngLearn to cheat better: Catch a Pokémon with a GS Ball.
  • Grid Safari Ball.pngThe Steve Irwin of Pokéballs: Catch a Pokémon with a Safari Ball.
  • Grid Master Ball.pngNot getting away this time!: Catch a Pokémon with a Master Ball.
  • Grid Net Ball.pngCatch of the day: Catch a Pokémon with a Net Ball.
  • Grid Dusk Ball.pngCatch the Night: Catch a Pokémon with a Dusk Ball.
  • Grid Repeat Ball.pngGot it! Got it! Got it! Got it!: Catch a Pokémon with a Repeat Ball.
  • Grid Heal Ball.pngNurse Joy approved: Catch a Pokémon with a Heal Ball.
  • Grid Timer Ball.pngSet it for 2 minutes: Catch a Pokémon with a Timer Ball.
  • Grid Friend Ball.pngFriend Zoned: Catch a Pokémon with a Friend Ball.
  • Grid Luxury Ball.pngWhen a normal Pokéball just won't do: Catch a Pokémon with a Luxury Ball.
  • Grid Heavy Ball.pngWeightlifter: Catch a Pokémon with a Heavy Ball.

Legendary Capture Advancements

  • Grid Master Ball.pngLegend... wait for it... dary!!!: Catch a Legendary Pokémon.
  • Raikou.pngThunder! Thunder! Thunder... no wait wrong: Catch Raikou.
  • Articuno.pngFrozen Chicken Dinner: Catch Articuno.
  • Entei.pngFire beast: Catch Entei.
  • Mewtwo.pngBehold my powers!: Catch Mewtwo.
  • Zapdos.pngElectric chicken? Is that a dance?: Catch Zapdos.
  • Celebi.pngLet me tell you about the birds and the bees and the flower and the trees: Catch Celebi.
  • Ho-Oh.pngResurrecting Rainbow: Catch Ho-Oh.
  • Moltres.pngExtra Crispy Chicken: Catch Moltres.
  • Suicune.pngWater Beast: Catch Suicune.
  • Mew.pngWell um technically it's Mythical...: Catch Mew.
  • Lugia.pngAww it's not XD001: Catch Lugia.
  • Latias.pngBlast off!: Catch Latias.
  • Latios.pngAt the speed of light!: Catch Latios.
  • Deoxys.pngWacky Waving Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man: Catch Deoxys.
  • Groudon.pngGround smasher!: Catch Groudon.
  • Kyogre.pngWave crasher!: Catch Kyogre.
  • Rayquaza.pngWind Rider!: Catch Rayquaza.
  • Regice.pngIce!: Catch Regice.
  • Regirock.pngRock!: Catch Regirock.
  • Registeel.pngSteel!: Catch Registeel.
  • Jirachi.pngWish upon a Star: Catch Jirachi.

Special Texture Advancements

  • Grid Rainbow Wing.pngA Pokémon of a different color.: Catch a non-standard form of a Pokémon.
  • Claydol Alter.pngTainted Grail: Capture an Alter form of a Pokémon.
  • Sirdoofusiii.pngA Proper Gentleman: Capture Sir Doofus III.
  • Grid Shiny Stone.pngOooh, shiny!: Catch a shiny Pokémon.
  • BeedrillPink.pngPretty in pink: Capture a Pink form Pokémon.
  • VictreebelValencian.pngFrom the Orange Isles: Capture a Valencien form Pokémon.
  • KoffingValentine.pngWill you be mine?: Capture a Valentines Day form Pokémon.
  • 129-calico orange gold.pngMagikarp JUMP!: Capture a special Magikarp.
  • MagikarpShiny.pngUltimate Completionist: Capture all special Magikarp forms.
  • SphealPokeball.pngSpheal JUMP!: Capture a special Spheal.
  • SphealSMS.pngA Spheal for Every Situation: Capture all special Spheal forms.
  • ShellosMoons.pngShellos JUMP!: Capture a special Shellos.
  • ShellosSMS.pngFrom Coast to Coast: Capture all special Shellos forms.
  • ClobbopusStarry.pngClobbopus JUMP!: Capture a special Clobbopus
  • ClobbopusShiny.pngClobberin' Time: Capture all special Clobbopus forms.
  • BoltundStrike.pngIt was a stormy night...: Capture a Strike form Pokémon.
  • PichuSpiky.pngFriendship FTW.: Capture a spiky-eared Pichu.
  • FeebasKarp.pngWait, that's not right...: Catch a disguised Feebas.
  • GyaradosDrowned.pngUnderwater for a bit too long...: Capture a Drowned form Pokémon.
  • OnixCrystal.pngOoh, Sparkley: Capture a Crystal Onix.
  • SnorlaxSummer.pngDon't forget the sunscreen: Capture a Summer form Pokémon
  • BlastoiseZombie.pngTrick or Treat!: Capture a Zombie form Pokémon.
  • HoohRainbow.pngALL THE COLORS!: Capture a Rainbow form Pokémon.

Type Capture Advancements

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