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Better Spawner/Rarity Multiplier

From Pixelmon Wiki

A rarity multiplier is a component of a SpawnInfo which lets its rarity change based on particular conditions or anticonditions.

The properties of a rarity multiplier are as follows:

Property label Type of value Description
"multiplier" A decimal number The number to multiply the rarity by.
"condition" An optional Better_Spawner/Spawn_Condition. The condition that must be passed to apply this multiplier. This may be left out if an anticondition is given.
"anticondition" An optional Better_Spawner/Spawn_Condition. The anticondition that must fail to apply this multiplier. This may be left out if a condition is given.

An entity that spawns 3x more often when it is raining or storming (so when it isn't clear weather) in a Deep Ocean biome might have the following rarity multiplier:

        "multiplier": 3.0,
        "condition": {
            "stringBiomes": [
        "anticondition": {
	    "weathers": [

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