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Better Spawner/Spawn Info

From Pixelmon Wiki

SpawnInfos are the building blocks of the Better Spawner. They represent the individual entities that may spawn, and have many properties. There are several types of SpawnInfo, and they are as follows:

SpawnInfos are always part of a SpawnSet or SpawnInfoCollection, and all have the following properties:

Property label Type of value Description
"typeID" "pokemon" or "npc" or "trainer" or "item" or "collection". The type of SpawnInfo this is. Sidemods may add more types.
"interval" Text. The spawning interval for this entity, if applicable. Read more about spawning intervals here.
"tags" A list of text. Any tags that apply to the spawn. This is purely used for the "tag" property of SpawnConditions.
"condition" A SpawnCondition. The condition for the spawn location to fulfill that will allow the entity to spawn.
"anticondition" A SpawnCondition. The anti-condition for the spawn location which must fail to allow the entity to spawn.
"compositeCondition" A CompositeCondition. A composite condition that must succeed for the entity to spawn.
"rarityMultipliers" List of rarity multipliers. The list of multipliers that may effect the rarity.
"requiredSpace" Positive integer, including 0. The necessary radius of the location for this entity to spawn. Defaults to 1, minimum is 0. The radius is calculated based off how much of the surrounding area is free of colliding blocks. In the case of Pokémon spawning, leaving out this field will use a number based off the Pokémon's size.
"stringLocationTypes" List of any number of location types inside quotes. The possible locations the entity may spawn. A particular location only needs to satisfy one of these to spawn, and in the case of Pokémon spawning, the AI of the Pokémon may depend on the location.
"rarity" Decimal number greater than or equal to zero. The level of commonness for the entity. The higher this number is, the more frequently this entity will spawn. This is not a percentage and doesn't follow any rules. If all SpawnInfo tripled their rarities, nothing would change. With the default Pixelmon configuration, 0.5 is extremely rare, and 300 is extremely common. Having a rarity of zero will prevent it from spawning unless it has a percentage.
"percentage" A decimal number between 0 and 100. The percentage chance that this spawn will be instantly chosen before any rarity calculations are made. The sum of all percentages for a SpawnSet or SpawnCollection must not exceed 100% or all percentage-based SpawnInfos will be ignored. This is used when you want specific SpawnInfos to have a set percentage chance. If the only SpawnInfos with percentages add to 20%, then the game will check that first, and 80% of the time will choose to just use the "rarity" option to decide.

Examples can be found on all of the linked SpawnInfo pages.

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