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All nine types of Fossils, exhibited using Fossil displays

Fossils are rocks that contain the remains and DNA of Pokémon from millions of years ago. They can be resurrected into certain Pokémon.


Turning a Fossil into a Pokémon requires multiple steps.

  1. A Fossil can be obtained by finding a Fossil block, found within gravel piles. Mining this block will yield a covered Fossil.
  2. A covered Fossil can be cleaned using a Fossil cleaner to obtained a cleaned Fossil.
  3. A cleaned Fossil can be resurrected into a Pokémon using a Fossil machine. This process takes a few minutes.
  4. Once the Fossil machine has finished resurrecting a Pokémon, an empty Poké Ball can be placed in the Fossil machine to claim the Pokémon. The Pokémon will start at level 1.

Aside from being resurrected into Pokémon, Fossils can also be displayed using a Fossil display.

Fossil types

There are eleven different types of Fossils, and each can be resurrected into a different Pokémon.

Fossil Pokémon
Grid Helix Fossil.pngHelix Fossil Omanyte
Grid Dome Fossil.pngDome Fossil Kabuto
Grid Old Amber.pngOld Amber Aerodactyl
Grid Root Fossil.pngRoot Fossil Lileep
Grid Claw Fossil.pngClaw Fossil Anorith
Grid Skull Fossil.pngSkull Fossil Cranidos
Grid Armor Fossil.pngArmor Fossil Shieldon
Grid Cover Fossil.pngCover Fossil Tirtouga
Grid Plume Fossil.pngPlume Fossil Archen
Grid Jaw Fossil.pngJaw Fossil Tyrunt
Grid Sail Fossil.pngSail Fossil Amaura

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