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From Pixelmon Wiki

JSON Item Stacks are used in multiple places in the Better Spawner. It is simply a representation of an item in JSON form, along with some extra properties used in different places in the spawner.

Property label Type of value Description
"itemID" Text. The item ID, such as pixelmon:old_rod.
"quantity" Positive integer larger than zero. How many of the item. Leaving this out will default to zero, unless used in a SpawnInfoItem in which case it will then use the minQuantity and maxQuantity properties of the SpawnInfoItem.
"meta" Integer. The optional meta aka damage of the item.
"nbt" Text. The NBT data for the item, such as {display:{Name:"Reforged is great",Lore:["Very"]}}
"percentChance" Decimal number between 0 and 100. The chance of this being chosen as the held item. Only used for held items in SpawnInfoPokemon.


    "itemID": "pixelmon_meteorite",
    "quantity": 1,
    "nbt": "{display:{Name:"Space rock",Lore:["From outer space"]}}

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