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From Pixelmon Wiki

The PokéChecker is a feature accessible via the Pixelmon party interface or through the PC by right-clicking a Pokémon's icon. It displays details about a Pokémon and is split into three sections: summary, moves, and stats.

The following information is visible from all three tabs:

  • Pokémon name
    • It is possible to nickname a Pokémon through this interface by clicking on the small 'R' next to the Pokémon's name.
  • Pokémon species
  • Pokédex number
  • Type(s)
  • Level
    • Leveling can be disabled/enabled by clicking the 'L' next to the Pokémon's level.



The summary tab displays miscellaneous information about the Pokémon.

  • HP (current/max)
  • Experience (current/remaining to level up)
  • Ability
    • Ability description



The moves tab displays information about the Pokémon's moves. It is also possible to rearrange or delete a Pokémon's moves from this interface.

  • Move name
  • Move type
  • Base power
  • Accuracy
  • Move description
  • PP (current/max)



The stats tab displays information about the Pokémon stats.

  • Stat amounts (HP/Attack/Defense/Special Attack/Special Defense/Speed)
    • If a stat is colored green, the Pokémon's Nature boosts that stat slightly. If a stat is colored red, the Nature hinders that stat.
  • Nature
  • Happiness
  • Growth
  • Original trainer


The PokéChecker used to be an item that players had to craft to see their Pokémon's stats. The need to craft the PokéChecker was since removed, and the item itself no longer exists.
Former recipe

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