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Mail is a special type of held item that can contain messages written by the player. Similar to a book and quill, the contents of mail can initially be freely edited by any player. The name of the player who writes the message will be automatically placed at the bottom-right corner of the message. Once the message is finished, the mail can be sealed in order to prevent it from being edited.

Mail can be obtained from shopkeepers, as a tier 1 special drop, or as a drop from certain wild Pokémon. It does not stack.


Pokémon drops

Main article: Drops

Drop Pokémon Chance Quantity
Grid Air Mail.pngAir Mail Delibird 100% 1
Grid Bubble Mail.pngBubble Mail Mantine 50% 1
Grid Glitter Mail.pngGlitter Mail Pachirisu 5% 1
Grid Grass Mail.pngGrass Mail Zigzagoon 100% 1-2
Linoone 100% 1-3
Skitty 100% 1
Delcatty 100% 1-2
Grid Inquiry Mail.pngInquiry Mail Wobbuffet 100% 1
Grid Wave Mail.pngWave Mail Remoraid 50% 1
Grid Wood Mail.pngWood Mail Slakoth 100% 1-2
Vigoroth 100% 1-3
Slaking 100% 1-3


Mail comes in thirty different designs that all derive from various Pokémon games.

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