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Editing guidelines

From Pixelmon Wiki

These are guidelines that should be followed while editing the wiki.

Getting started

  • To edit the wiki, you need to be logged in on your Pixelmon forum account. If you don't have one, you'll have to create one to edit the wiki.
  • If you don't know the syntax for the wiki's markup language, there are buttons on the top left of the editing box that insert basic text modifications such as italics and links. This page may also help.


  • Use proper grammar. Be sure to:
    • End sentences with periods.
    • Avoid sentence fragments except in image captions and lists.
    • Avoid run-on sentences, using periods or semicolons when necessary. "However" is not a conjunction and cannot be used in place of "but".
    • Know the difference between commonly confused words such as "it's" and "its".
  • Spell words correctly. Make sure to:
    • Capitalize all Pokémon names, moves, types, stats, items, abilities, and the words "Pokémon" and "Pixelmon". A full list of what to capitalize and not capitalize can be found here.
    • Avoid adding suffixes to Pokémon if referred to in plural. For example, "several Pidgey" and not "several Pidgeys". This also applies to the words "Pokémon" and "Pixelmon".
    • Spell the word "Pokémon" with an accented 'é'. On Windows, 'é' is the alt code 130, and on a Mac, hold the option key while pressing 'e', let go of the option key, and then press 'e' again. Alternatively, you may copy and paste the character.
    • Spell these Pokémon by including their non-alphanumeric symbols: Nidoran♂, Nidoran♀, Farfetch'd, Mr. Mime, Porygon-Z. If you are unsure how to type gender symbols, just copy and paste the characters.
    • Use American English spelling for words that differ in spelling between American English and British English.
  • Avoid using first-person ("I"), second-person pronouns ("you"), or imperative sentences.
    • Guides, like this page, are exempt from this rule.
  • Any text that should be used verbatim, such as commands, file paths, config settings, hotkeys, and external JSON keys, should be used surrounded with <code> tags.
  • Do not use subjective opinions with no evidence. Opinions may be used in guides, but they must be backed by factual evidence or logical justifications.
  • Do not show emotions, including the use of exclamation points, excessive capitalization, or emoticons.
  • Do not overuse text formatting like bold print, italics, or underlines.
  • Do not use internet slang such as "lol".
  • Do not use expletives or other offensive language.


  • Do not vandalize pages or create nonsensical pages. If your edit is clearly with malicious intent, you will be banned from editing the wiki and possibly banned from using the Pixelmon forums.
  • Do not put lies and false information in pages.
  • Do not put speculation for future updates on the wiki.
    • If information about future updates has been confirmed by Pixelmon staff, it may be included in minor references on pages if it is clearly stated that this information is in a future update and not the current one. Do not make entirely new pages on future content until the update has been released.


  • Unless they are necessary in the image, press F1 before taking screenshots to hide the interface and crosshairs.
  • Avoid showing a resource pack other than the vanilla Minecraft one.
  • Avoid using any sort of shaders, including both Minecraft's built-in shaders and other mods that add shaders.
  • Avoid showing content from other non-Pixelmon mods in screenshots.
  • Avoid showing players' or servers' names in screenshots.


  • Do not advertise servers. Doing so will get you banned from editing.
  • Do not reference specific players or other mods. Pixelmon side mods may only be discussed if they are official and only on their own pages.
  • Do not suggest features on the wiki. Use the feature board for this.
    • Do not ask for Pokémon to be added or remodeled. They will all be implemented to the same standards eventually.
  • Do not make your own user page if you haven't previously contributed anything constructive to the wiki. If you violate this rule, your user page will be deleted.


  • Note that Pixelmon does not have everything that is in the Pokémon games yet. Avoid referencing aspects of the Pokémon games that are not in Pixelmon, unless clarifying a potentially confusing subject.
  • Preview the page before saving the edit to make sure that the page looks like how you intended it to look.
  • If you want to test something, like a table or a template, use the edit preview or try it on your own user page before putting it in an actual article.
  • Do not ask questions or leave nonconstructive comments and remarks directly on articles. If you have a question, use the Pixelmon Discord or the article's talk page. If there is an undocumented bug related to the topic, state it in the "Bugs" section of the article (or make one if there isn't one) and also post it on the Pixelmon forum's issue tracker.
    • "Minecraft crashes upon startup" is not a bug. Consult this guide first and see if your crash is there. If your problem is still not solved afterwards, visit the support tracker for help.
  • If you have any further questions specifically about the wiki, ask in the #wiki channel in the Pixelmon Discord.

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