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Grid Porygon (item).png

This article is about the item version of Porygon. For the actual Pokémon, see Porygon.

Porygon items are created by putting together a Porygon's four individual parts, all of which can occasionally be obtained from crafting PCs or Trade Machine.

When put into a trainer's inventory, the item will transform into a wild Porygon, which gets spawned nearby.


Up to 8 Porygons can be crafted in one go, although they may leave the area if left unattended. Only one leg item is required.

Porygon Head

Porygon Body

Porygon Leg

Porygon Tail

Porygon (item)



Before version 6.2.2, Porygon did not have a recipe. Instead, it had a 1/100 chance of spawning next to a player when crafting a PC.

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