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Version history/Pixelmon Broadcasts

From Pixelmon Wiki

This is a list of versions of Pixelmon Broadcasts, along with the changes that each version made.

0.6.1 for 8.2.0

Released May 12th, 2021.

   * Full support for the new Common and Mega boss tiers.
   * Preliminary (?) support for special boss types such as Spooky bosses from boss towers. (counted as Common)
   * An experimental %nearest% placeholder for showing the closest player to an event, as suggested by zPr3d.
   * Toggle lines are now much smarter, taking into account individual toggle lengths. Character limit is configurable.
   * A hidden testing mode, enabled by setting "configVersion" to 1337. Enables all events and shows all placeholders.
   * Fixed a nasty crash when loading up with a broken Pixelmon config.
   * Fixed a weird but seemingly harmless resource warning caused by the single player settings file.
   Settings file changes:
   * Added settings for the new Common and Mega boss tiers.
   * Added a "maxToggleChars" setting for determining how many characters can be shown on a given line of toggles.
   * Fixed an oversight where legendary hatches were not set to be shown in the single player settings.
   Message file changes:
   * Added messages for the new Common and Mega boss tiers.
   Broadcasts file changes:
   * Added broadcasts for the new Common and Mega boss tiers.

0.6 for 8.1.2

Released February 10th, 2021.

   * Moved everything to pure Forge! Broadcasts now runs anywhere that supports Forge mods.
   * Added support for single player use! As always, let me know if stuff breaks.
   * When in single player, you get a lighter settings file by default with multiplayer fluff turned off.
   * Logging now shows whether a Pokémon is/was Alolan, Galarian or mega-evolved.
   * Fixed Pokémon that could be a mega form always showing up as such, even if they weren't.
   * (temporarily?) Removed integration with the Pixelmon Overlay plugin, as it requires Sponge.
   * Removed the toggle helper when running /pixelmonbroadcasts from console. Can't use it there, anyways.
   * Removed all "pixelmonbroadcasts.action" permissions. Naming was inconsistent, use ".command" instead.
   Message file changes:
   * Combined all non-teleport "no_permissions" messages into "universal.no_permissions".
   * Removed "action." from the teleport nodes as it's now a command. (no more Sponge callbacks)
   * Added a few new teleport command errors for the different failure modes.
   Broadcasts file changes:
   * Reworded the non-shiny Ultra Beast and Legendary egg hatch broadcasts to avoid "a"/"an" issues.

0.5 for 8.1.2

Released February 3rd, 2021.

   * Split off boss events into the different tiers. Thanks for the proof-of-concept fork, ElectronicManuel!
   * Fixed colors on event log entries showing up as a series of numbers on some consoles.
   * Ultra Beast and Legendary hatch toggles now work.
   * Toggles are now split onto separate lines if more than 5 are available. Should help with custom text.
   * Toggles are now preserved when a player dies. Some plugins/mods may interfere with this, let me know!
   * Shortened the info text on console messages from "Pixelmon Broadcasts" to just "Broadcasts".
   Settings file changes:
   * Added settings for the different boss types.
   * Disabled some unpopular/spammy settings by default.
   Message file changes:
   * Added toggles for the different boss types.
   * Added a new placeholder for showing mega status in broadcasts: insert.mega = "Mega "
   * Added a new placeholder for showing Alolan forms in broadcasts: insert.alolan = "Alolan "
   * Added a new placeholder for showing Galarian forms in broadcasts: insert.galarian = "Galarian "
   * Changed the generic boss toggle's text from "boss" to "any boss". (forfeits use this)
   Broadcasts file changes:
   * Added broadcasts for the different boss types.
   * Flattened down the layout to use single lines, as it was getting unwieldy and caused some confusion.

0.4.2 for 8.0.0

Released June 19th, 2020.

   * Added support for showing Galarians in broadcasts.
   * Fixed the horrible spam/crashing from Alolans being moved to a different enum in Pixelmon.
   * Worked around Bide causing a NullPointerException on the Faint event listener. (likely a Pixelmon bug)
   * Removed the "PBR //" fluff from console messages as the sidemod name is already shown.
   * Removed the config helper that automatically turns off Pixelmon's legendary message. Mod update broke it.

0.4.1 for 7.0.5

Released May 15th, 2019.

   * Added support for happyzlife's Pixelmon Overlay, allowing noticeboard sharing with other plugins.
   * Added debug and a workaround for a weird issue that potentially breaks battles. Thanks, I9hdkill!
   * Added some listener safeguards to hopefully avoid issues when other plugins kill the event.
   * Fixed the Toggle command showing only a header and footer to people with no event permissions.
   * Removed the Toggle command permission check due to it being unnecessary. We'll use individual perms.
   Message file changes:
   * Removed "hub.no_permissions" and "hub.contact_staff".
   * Added "toggle.no_permissions".
   * Re-worded "action.teleport.no_permissions" to fall in line with other no-perm messages.

0.4 for 7.0.3

Released March 9th, 2019.

   * Added Pixelmon noticeboard support. Shows stuff in a fancy box at the top, surrounded by sprites!
   * Added an on-click teleport option that allows players to warp to the event's source, if permitted.
   * Added an evolution event. Only fires on successful evolutions, so no spam.
   * Added Ultra Beast broadcasts everywhere.
   * Added Ultra Space wormhole spawn broadcasts.
   * Added legendary/Ultra Beast hatch broadcasts.
   * Added a fainting broadcast for the Nuzlocke crowd.
   * Hopefully fixed several BattleEndListener-related log errors.
   * Fixed a missing space in the default trade broadcast.
   * Fixed IVs, coordinates and world names in the trade broadcast always being from player 1's side.
   * Fixed pyrrhic self-kill wins (think Explosion) not registering as a victory in wild battles.
   * Fixed PvP draws with self-kill moves like Explosion being counted as wins.
   * Fixed shiny legendary forfeit logging not working right. (through rewriting ALL the things)
   * Fixed shown IVs always being rounded down.
   * Fixed trade event permission checks failing in certain setups.
   * Probably fixed player-versus-player battles occasionally getting the winner/loser wrong.
   * Probably fixed us causing Pixelmon battle errors (double kills!) in double battles.
   * Simplified shiny legendary settings to work with either event's toggles enabled. UBs work similarly.
   * Simplified logging. Messages are now single colors, depending on the event type.
   * Renamed several internal listeners to make more sense in errors/debug output.
   Settings file changes:
   * Added new event settings. Config will need a regen, sorry!
   * Renamed the "show" toggle to "chat" to avoid confusion with the new "notice".
   Message file changes:
   * Added new event messages, as well as on-click teleport ones. Config will need a regen, sorry!
   * Removed shiny legendary messages due to them being rolled in with the shiny/legendary checks.
   Broadcasts file changes:
   * Added new event broadcasts. Config will need a regen, sorry!
   * Split "broadcast.EVENT.TYPE" broadcasts into both "chat.EVENT.TYPE" and "notice.EVENT.TYPE".
   * Changed the default hatch and trade colors from pink to gray. Pink is now used for UBs.
   Permission changes:
   * "" is now "", for consistency.
   * "pixelmonbroadcasts.notify.pvp.draw" is now "pixelmonbroadcasts.notify.draw.pvp", same idea.

0.3 for 7.0

Released February 2nd, 2019.

   * Added the showing of abilities to the hover stats! (hidden abilities get extra fancy formatting)
   * Fixed /pixelmonbroadcasts not showing commands if something happened to the main command alias.
   * Fixed forfeit messages occasionally reporting bad biomes/coordinates. How'd this even work before?
   * Hopefully fixed legendary-related messages breaking on non-English names. Sorry for the delay!
   * Brought a few console messages in line with Even More Pixelmon Commands.
   * Hopefully made it so localized setups end up logging both the localized and English Pokémon names.
   * Updated Forge version to build against, from 2705 to 2768. Might fix some issues with flaky toggles.
   Settings file additions:
   * Added "showAbilities" option for the new ability-showing feature. Add: "showAbilities = true"
   Message file additions:
   * "hover.present_tense.ability"         ->  "➡ &aIt has the \"&2{1}&a\" ability."
   * "hover.present_tense.hidden_ability"  ->  "➡ &aIt has the \"&2&l{1}&r&a\" hidden ability!"
   * "hover.past_tense.ability"            ->  "➡ &aIt had the \"&2{1}&a\" ability."
   * "hover.past_tense.hidden_ability"     ->  "➡ &aIt had the \"&2&l{1}&r&a\" hidden ability..."
   Broadcast file changes:
   * Corrected a small formatting issue on shiny eggs being hatched. (last part of line wasn't bold)
   * Fixed the trade broadcast rarely showing incorrect shiny status for one of the Pokémon.
   * Reworded many broadcasts to preserve consistency even when precursor events aren't announced.

0.2.2 for 6.3.4

Released August 18th, 2018.

   * Fixed hovers on certain challenge messages always being enabled.
   * Fixed the Pixelmon legendary message check not reloading the config immediately after editing it.
   * Hopefully worked around a rare error with battle participants going null when a battle ends.
   * Clarified toggles only applying to the person setting them, to avoid further confusion. See changes.
   * Moved the "shiny legend" toggle so it shows after "shiny" and "legend" if enabled. Bit cleaner.
   * Split the mod's start-up messages into two blocks, with one only showing up if something's wrong.
   Message file changes:
   * Changed "toggle.header" to "&5--------- &dPersonal event toggles (click to change) &5--------".
   * Changed "toggle.boss_trainer.on" to "&a&nleader" to prevent cut-off.
   * Changed "" to "&c&nleader" to prevent cut-off.
   Broadcast file changes:
   * Changed all default mentions of "boss trainer" to "leader" to mirror the above.

0.2.1 for 6.3

Released June 10th, 2018.

   * Fixed %biome% on spawns and catches always showing the biome at 0, 0, 0.
   * Fixed %xpos%, %ypos% and %zpos% not working right.
   * Fixed an odd error where a Pokémon could apparently forfeit a fight with another Pokémon.
   * Fixed normal catch and blackout messages not being toggle-able.
   * Fixed PvP draws referencing two removed "toggle.pvp_draw" keys, and a missing comma.
   * Toggle categories now sort mostly alphabetically. Stuff was changing too often to keep up with.

0.2.0 for 6.3

Released June 9th, 2018.

   * Added a lang option for showing neutral stats in hovers, instead of just "ERROR".
   * Added support for showing catches and blackouts for Pokémon that aren't special.
   * Enabled showing IVs on Pokémon that a player lost to or fled from. Turn off hover to disable.
   * Rewrote configuration/translation with a three-file setup, found in the PixelmonBroadcasts folder.
   * Split up the old detailed "hover" into a more basic "hover" (safe info) and a new "reveal". (IVs)
   * The %world% and %biome% placeholders should now work properly on trainer/PvP broadcasts.
   * Trades now support the showing of shiny Pokémon, using the new %shiny% placeholder.
   * Fixed an issue where old options would occasionally get stuck when reloading with changes made.
   * Fixed some potential bugs with players with edited names. There may be more, please report.
   * Removed a few leftover debug messages when players blacked out to wild Pokémon. Oops.
   * Updated CHANGELOG.txt with missed changes in 0.1.1, and corrected versions.
   Permission changes:
   * All "defeat"-type permissions are now "victory"-type permissions to avoid confusion.
   * PvP "start"/"end" permissions have been merged into the old "challenge"/"victory" groups.

0.1.1 for 6.3

Released June 6th, 2018.

   * Changed permission layout to hopefully make a bit more sense.

0.1.0 for 6.3

Released June 6th, 2018.

   Initial release.

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