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Brewing Stand

From Pixelmon Wiki

For information on Brewing Stands in vanilla Minecraft, see this page.

Grid Brewing Stand.png

In Pixelmon, Brewing Stands are used as a breeding environment, in addition to their regular usage in Minecraft. Since update 7.2, they can also be used to craft various types of medicine.



Item Ingredients Crafting recipe
Brewing Stand Blaze Rod +


Blaze Rod



Brewing Stand


Breeding environment

Main article: Environment (Breeding)

Pokémon type Block Value
PoisonType.pngPoison Grid Brewing Stand.pngBrewing Stand 3

Brewing instrument

The GUI of the brewing stand.

Main article: Brewing

Unlike other fuel-powered machines, Brewing Stands use Blaze Powder instead of regular fuel. Each piece brews 20 batches of potions and there is no time limit for when these batches are brewed. Water Bottles are used as the base ingredient to brew most of the items.

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