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Grid Clever Feather.png

The Clever Feather is a type of medicine that increases the Special Defence EV of a Pokémon by 1 if you right-click it. The item is consumed upon use.


Pokémon drops

Main article: Drops

Pokémon Chance Quantity
Fearow 5% 0-1
Natu 5% 0-1
Xatu 5% 0-1


Main article: Headbutt (External Move)

Item Biome Tree Type
Grid Clever Feather.png Clever Feather Any Any


Infusing ingredient

Main article: Vitamins (Infusing)

Item Ingredients Infusing recipe
Grid Zinc.png
Apicot Berry +
Clever Feather

10xApicot Berry

Clever Feather

Grid Coal.png


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