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This article is about Pokémon Eggs that are obtained from breeding. For information about vanilla Minecraft eggs, see this page.

An Egg is an unhatched Pokémon and the product of breeding. Eggs can be claimed from a ranch block once two Pokémon that are inside of it are in love with each other and are under suitable environmental conditions to produce an Egg. Each Egg will take up a slot in the player's party or PC, although Eggs will not hatch while left in the PC. Eggs cannot participate in battle.

Eggs will hatch after the player has taken enough steps, revealing a level 1 Pokémon that is usually the base evolutionary form of the Pokémon's mother's species. Exceptions to this can be found here. The amount of steps required to hatch an Egg varies for each species of Pokémon.

A "step" in regards to Egg hatching is equivalent to the time it takes to walk the full length of two blocks at normal speed. This does not include any distance covered directly up or down, such as jumping, falling, and climbing ladders. It is possible to speed up or slow down the time taken to hatch Eggs with methods that change the player's traveling speed, like mounting a Pokémon.

The /pokegive command with a egg pokémon spec or opening a gift box can give a player an Egg containing a specific Pokémon or a random Pokémon. In this manner, it is possible to obtain Eggs that contain Pokémon not normally found inside of Eggs, such as evolved Pokémon. Legendary Pokémon can be set to be inside these spawned Eggs, but random Eggs will have no chance of containing Legendary Pokémon unless a certain config option is enabled.

Config settings

  • "stepsPerEggCycle": Egg cycles are used to determine how many steps it takes for Eggs to hatch. The lower this value, the fewer steps it takes for Eggs to hatch.
  • "allowRandomBreedingEggsToBeLegendary": Whether Eggs produced from the breeding of two Ditto have a chance of hatching Legendary Pokémon
  • "allowRandomSpawnedEggsToBeLegendary": Whether Eggs spawned with the random Egg feature of /pokegiveegg have a chance of hatching Legendary Pokémon.


A Togepi Egg
  • Togepi Eggs have a different appearance than other Eggs.

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