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A Fossil ore found in a gravel bed

This page is about the Fossil block. For information about Fossil items and Fossils in general, see Fossils.

A Fossil block is a block that yields a random covered Fossil when mined. A pickaxe is required to harvest a Fossil from a Fossil block.

Fossil blocks are found within gravel piles at height levels 12-50. They are fairly uncommon finds, so it may take a while to find one. They will generate before any gravel in the world begins falling due to gravity, which is something to keep in mind while searching for them. Unlike the gravel surrounding them, Fossil blocks are not affected by gravity.

There are a few ways to find Fossils.

  • Searching caves for gravel piles between the height levels 12 and 50.
  • Searching the floors of Ocean/Deep Ocean biomes from a boat or mounted Pokémon. Since the floors of Oceans frequently consist of gravel, Fossil blocks are open to spot from above. To mine them underwater, it is useful to create an air bubble with a door.
  • Using Forage on sand with a Ground-type Pokémon will rarely produce a covered Fossil.

Fossil blocks are affected by Fortune enchantments, allowing multiple Fossils to be obtained from a single Fossil block. In this case, each Fossil type is chosen independently randomly, and several different Fossils may be obtained from the same block.

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