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Monster is one of the fifteen Egg Groups.


Pokémon Egg Groups
Bulbasaur Monster/Grass
Ivysaur Monster/Grass
Venusaur Monster/Grass
Charmander Monster/Dragon
Charmeleon Monster/Dragon
Charizard Monster/Dragon
Squirtle Monster/Water 1
Wartortle Monster/Water 1
Blastoise Monster/Water 1
Nidoran♀ Monster/Field
Nidoran♂ Monster/Field
Nidorino Monster/Field
Nidoking Monster/Field
Slowpoke Monster/Water 1
Slowbro Monster/Water 1
Cubone Monster
Marowak Monster
Lickitung Monster
Rhyhorn Monster/Field
Rhydon Monster/Field
Kangaskhan Monster
Lapras Monster/Water 1
Snorlax Monster
Chikorita Monster/Grass
Bayleef Monster/Grass
Meganium Monster/Grass
Totodile Monster/Water 1
Croconaw Monster/Water 1
Feraligatr Monster/Water 1
Mareep Monster/Field
Flaaffy Monster/Field
Ampharos Monster/Field
Slowking Monster/Water 1
Larvitar Monster
Pupitar Monster
Tyranitar Monster
Treecko Monster/Dragon
Grovyle Monster/Dragon
Sceptile Monster/Dragon
Mudkip Monster/Water 1
Marshtomp Monster/Water 1
Swampert Monster/Water 1
Whismur Monster/Field
Loudred Monster/Field
Exploud Monster/Field
Aron Monster
Lairon Monster
Aggron Monster
Tropius Monster/Grass
Turtwig Monster/Grass
Grotle Monster/Grass
Torterra Monster/Grass
Cranidos Monster
Rampardos Monster
Shieldon Monster
Bastiodon Monster
Gible Monster/Dragon
Gabite Monster/Dragon
Garchomp Monster/Dragon
Snover Monster/Grass
Abomasnow Monster/Grass
Lickilicky Monster
Rhyperior Monster/Field
Axew Monster/Dragon
Fraxure Monster/Dragon
Haxorus Monster/Dragon
Druddigon Monster/Dragon
Helioptile Monster/Dragon
Heliolisk Monster/Dragon
Tyrunt Monster/Dragon
Tyrantrum Monster/Dragon
Amaura Monster
Aurorus Monster
Bergmite Monster
Avalugg Monster
Salandit Monster/Dragon
Salazzle Monster/Dragon
Turtonator Monster/Dragon
Drampa Monster/Dragon
Chewtle Monster/Water 1
Drednaw Monster/Water 1

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