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Spawn time

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Spawn time is a factor that influences certain aspects of Pixelmon, such as the time when certain Pokémon spawn. It is based on Minecraft's day-night cycle, and is divided into eight different time periods: Dawn, Morning, Day, Midday, Afternoon, Dusk, Night, and Midnight.

Time periods

Note: Tick range refers to Minecraft's internal representation of time. More information can be found on this page. 20-minute time refers to the actual real time on a full minecraft day (20 minutes by default), whereas 24-hour time refers to the time minecraft represents as if it were a real day.

Spawn time Tick range 24-hour time 20-minute time
Dawn 22500-24000, 0-300 4:30-6:18 18:45-0:15
Morning 22500-24000, 0-6000 4:30-12:00 18:45-5:00
Day 0-12000 6:00-18:00 0:00-10:00
Midday 5500-6500 11:30-12:30 4:35-5:25
Afternoon 6000-12000 12:00-18:00 5:00-10:00
Dusk 12000-13800 18:00-19:48 0:00-11:30
Night 13450-22550 19:22-4:33 11:15-18:48
Midnight 17500-18500 23:30-0:30 14:35-15:25


Spawn time has effects on the following aspects:

  • Different species of Pokémon spawn depending on the time.
  • Certain Pokémon evolve into different forms or species depending on when the evolution happens.
  • Dawn/Dusk Ore yields different items at different times.
  • The Halloween special textures for starter Pokémon can only be obtained at night.


Dawn spawns

Morning spawns

Day spawns

Afternoon spawns

Dusk spawns

Night spawns

Midnight spawns

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