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Poké Gifts are items that resemble Cherish Balls and act like PokéLoot chests except that they hold Pokémon instead of items. After placing a Poké Gift, right-clicking it will place the first Pokémon that is outside of its Poké Ball from the player's party into the Poké Gift and remove that Pokémon from the party. Further right-clicks will allow the player to change the Pokémon inside the PokéGift. Sneaking and using the Poké Gift will prevent the Pokémon inside from being changed and allow the Poké Gift to be able to be picked up by other players. Poké Gifts preserve all aspects of Pokémon placed inside, including levels, Natures, EVs, IVs, Abilities, caught Poké Balls, and movesets.

By default, Poké Gifts work on a first come, first served basis and disappear upon being collected. By editing the Pixelmon config file, it is possible to make them usable by each player a single time.

Cherish Ball

Cherish Ball

Cherish Ball

Cherish Ball

Poké Gift


Event Poké Gifts

Event Poké Gifts are special types of Poké Gifts that can be accessed by enabling them in the Pixelmon config file. They each contain 1-6 random Pokémon inside of them. Additional config options can be set to allow Legendary Pokémon to spawn inside them or modify the rate of Shiny Pokémon found inside of them. All Pokémon found inside event Poké Gifts are level 5, caught in Cherish Balls, and start with 150 happiness.

By default, event Poké Gifts spawn upon the creation of a new world or turning on a server around Halloween (October 31), Christmas (December 25) and potentially a custom day, customizable in the Pixelmon config file.

Config settings

  • "eventCoords": Allows specification of the location of spawned event Poké Gifts.
  • "eventHasLegendaries": Allows event Poké Gifts to randomly have Legendary Pokémon.
  • "eventHasShinies": Allows event Poké Gift Pokémon to have a chance of being Shiny.
  • "eventMaxPokémon": The maximum amount of Pokémon that can be in an event Poké Gift (up to 6).
  • "eventPokéGiftLoad": Allows event Poké Gifts to spawn and be claimed.
  • "eventShinyRate": The chance an event Poké Gift Pokémon will be Shiny (1/x).
  • "eventTime": The numeric day and month to have an event Poké Gift spawn separated by a /.
  • "pokéGiftHaveEvents": This allows Poké Gifts to be used; if disabled, interacting with them does nothing and they cannot be placed.
  • "pokéGiftReusable": This makes Poké Gift chests permanent like PokéLoot's PL1D option; otherwise they are FCFS.

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