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Effort values

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Effort values (also known as EVs) are values that improve the stats of Pokémon based on the strengths of opposing Pokémon they have defeated.

Stat effects

Pokémon can gain six different types of EVs, one of each of the six stats (HP, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, Speed), and each individual Pokémon can gain a maximum of 510 EVs, with an additional limit of 252 EVs per stat. By gaining EVs in a certain stat, that stat will gradually rise, with a final ratio of 4 EVs equalling 1 stat point at level 100 (rounded down). A Pokémon can have a maximum of 63 extra stat points in a certain stat, and a total maximum of 127 stat points across all stats due to the effects of EVs.

The effects of EVs are applied immediately, and leveling up is not necessary to see their effects. At lower levels, it will take more EVs to equal 1 stat point (e.g. 8 EVs per stat point at level 50), but as levels are gained, the contribution of the existing EVs to stats will eventually reach the 4:1 ratio at level 100.

Gaining EVs

After defeating a Pokémon, either a wild Pokémon or a trainer's Pokémon, every non-fainted Pokémon that participates in the fight or is holding an Exp. Share will receive a specified amount of EVs, depending on the species of the Pokémon that was defeated. Every eligible Pokémon gains the full amount of EVs that are yielded by the defeated Pokémon.


Certain held items allow the holder to gain additional EVs whenever a Pokémon is defeated. However, Pokémon will have their Speed temporarily halved while holding these items. All of the following items can be obtained from boss Pokémon or PokéLoot chests.

  • A Pokémon holding a Macho Brace will gain double the normal EVs from any encounters.
  • When a Pokémon holding a power item gains EVs, the holder will receive 8 additional EVs in a certain stat, depending on which power item is held.
  • Vitamins raise a specified EV by 10 points, but will not raise the EV above 100.
  • Certain berries lower the amount of EVs a Pokémon has in a certain stat by 10.
Stat Power item Vitamin Berry
HP Grid Power Weight.pngPower Weight Grid HP Up.pngHP Up Grid Pomeg Berry.pngPomeg Berry
Attack Grid Power Bracer.pngPower Bracer Grid Protein.pngProtein Grid Kelpsy Berry.pngKelpsy Berry
Defense Grid Power Belt.pngPower Belt Grid Iron.pngIron Grid Qualot Berry.pngQualot Berry
Special Attack Grid Power Lens.pngPower Lens Grid Calcium.pngCalcium Grid Hondew Berry.pngHondew Berry
Special Defense Grid Power Band.pngPower Band Grid Zinc.pngZinc Grid Grepa Berry.pngGrepa Berry
Speed Grid Power Anklet.pngPower Anklet Grid Carbos.pngCarbos Grid Tamato Berry.pngTamato Berry

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