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A Pokémon editor is an item that allows players to edit their own and other people's Pokémon parties. It can only be obtained by spawning it in.

While in Creative mode, the player can use the Pokémon editor to add, remove, edit, or randomize Pokémon in his or her own party. The player can also edit other players' Pokémon by attacking a player with the Pokémon editor. In order to edit another player's Pokémon, the other player must have the "allowPokemonEditors" config setting enabled. Also, the other player must not be using any other GUIs.

Pokémon settings

The Pokémon editor allows the following aspects of Pokémon to be changed.


The Pokémon import/export screen

In addition to editing Pokémon, the Pokémon editor can export a Pokémon party or an individual Pokémon as text. This text can be saved in an external file (using standard text editor functions like select all, copy, and paste) and re-imported later. The NPC editor uses the same text format for importing/exporting NPC Trainer Pokémon, and thus exported text can be used interchangeably between the two editors.

The export/import format used by the Pokémon editor is also compatible with Pokémon Showdown, meaning that text exported by the Pokémon editor can be imported into Pokémon Showdown and vice versa. However, Pokémon can only be imported into Pixelmon if they are among the available Pokémon in Pixelmon, and Generation 7 moves and held items also cannot be imported into Pixelmon.

Config settings

  • "allowPokemonEditors": When used server-side, this setting allows players on the server to use Pokémon editors. When used client-side, this setting allows other players to use Pokémon editors on the player with the setting enabled.

Permission nodes

  • "pixelmon.pokemoneditor.use": Allows a player to use a Pokémon editor.

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