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From Pixelmon Wiki
Editing a trader with an NPC editor

A trader is an NPC who offers to trade a certain Pokémon in exchange for another Pokémon. The Pokémon offered by the trader will have random IVs, growth, Nature, and moves (within the Pokémon's level-up movepool up to its level). Unlike the Pokémon games, the traded Pokémon will not gain more experience than normal in battle and its original Trainer will be the player who traded with the NPC. Traders can look like any of the NPC Trainers, although they are marked as "Trader" instead of having a name and level. After the requested trade is completed, the trader will disappear.

Traders can spawn in all biomes. They can also be spawned and edited with an NPC editor.

Config settings

  • "tradersReusable": If this is set to true, traders will not disappear after completing their requested trades.
  • "useExternalJSONFiles": Creates external JSON files at "<Minecraft directory>/pixelmon/npcs", allowing the trader spawn rate to be changed.

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