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The Pixelmon forum is a forum that players can use to discuss all aspects of Pixelmon. The forum can be found here.




All news posts for Pixelmon can be found here. These posts are also visible on the news page and in the Pixelmon launcher.


General Discussion

This section is for any Pixelmon-related topics that do not fit in any other sections in the forum. Server discussion and non-Pixelmon discussion does not belong here.


This section was specifically for user-created guides for Pixelmon. It was closed due to lack of activity and because users frequently mistook it for a support request forum.


This section is made for competitive Pokémon battling discussion, such as battling strategy, teambuilding help, and breeding competitively viable Pokémon.


This section is for any discussion that is not related to Pixelmon.

Art and Media

This section is for the discussion and display of Pixelmon-related media, including screenshots, drawings, and videos.


This section is for Pokémon role-playing. Users can create scenarios in order to role-play as Pokémon or Trainers.

Forum Games

This section is for users to play forum games with each other. Most of these games involve either answering a certain question, or using a certain theme to post about a previous post in the topic.


This section is for sharing Pokémon-related stories. They can either be made-up or based on real experiences.


This section can be used to ask for help regarding Pixelmon. Questions related to both installation and use of Pixelmon can be asked here.

Helping Us Out

Issue Tracker/Bug Reports

This section is for reporting bugs encountered when using Pixelmon. This includes the Pixelmon mod itself, Pixelmon sidemods, and website issues. However, Pixelmon launcher issues do not belong here; they should be posted in the Pixelmon launcher issue tracker instead. Support requests, including any issues with Minecraft crashing or not loading when starting up, should be posted in the support tracker.

Before posting in the issue tracker, these guidelines should be read.

Suggest a Feature

This section is for suggesting changes to Pixelmon, including new features and changes to existing features. Before suggesting a feature, these rules should be read; failure to follow these rules will result in the suggestion topic being locked and ignored.


This section is for submitting Pokémon and NPC Trainer models for Pixelmon. There is a standard process for submitting models, detailed in this post. Suggestions for adding Pokémon should not be posted here and will be deleted.

Each section of the modelling forum has the following subsections.


These sections are for the initial submission of models. When a model is posted here, users can give constructive feedback on how to improve the model, and new versions of the model can be posted with iterative improvements.


If the Pixelmon modelling team deems a model satisfactory, the model can be posted in these sections in order for final approval by the lead Pixelmon modellers and developers.


These sections are archives of model submissions that were posted before the current model submission process was implemented. Topics should not be created in these sections.


This section is for all Pixelmon assets that are not related to modelling, animation, or structures. This includes sounds, resource packs, and databases.


This section is for the submission of structures that will be spawned by Pixelmon.

Town Structures

This section is for structures that spawn inside towns, such as Pokémon Centers and Poké Marts.


This section is for Gym structure submissions. Both Gym structures and Gym Trainer Pokémon teams can be submitted here.


This section is for structures that do not fit in the above categories, such as haunted towers.


This section is for posting .snapshot files and world files that contain structures.

The World Project

This section is an archive of the World Project, which was an attempt by the Pixelmon team to create an official community-made world for Pixelmon. However, due to declining interest in the project, it was abandoned.


Server Listing

This section is for Pixelmon servers to advertise their servers. Servers may choose to use their server topics for server news, reviews, or other functions as needed. A topic should only be posted here if it is a server listing; topics that do not fit this criterion will be deleted.

Looking for Staff/Looking for Work

This section serves two purposes.

  • Pixelmon server owners may post topics to recruit server staff, including builders, Gym Leaders, and moderators.
  • Users may post topics to offer their services to servers.

Server Archive

This section is an archive of servers that have shut down. Users should not look for servers here.

Minecraft account link

It is possible to link a Pixelmon forum account and a Minecraft account together if the Minecraft account has Minecraft purchased. The PixelLink application can be used in order to do this.

After linking an account, the following features will be available.

  • The user can use the Minecraft account's skin for the Pixelmon forum account's avatar.
  • The user will gain access to a Trainer hat for his/her Minecraft avatar to wear.
  • If the user has access to sashes, hats, or the Spectral Jeweller Haunter skin, accounts need to be linked in order to access these bonuses.
    • If the user is able to color the sash, the "sash_color" option in "Edit profile" can be changed. This number is a hexadecimal color number (the six characters following the "#" character).


Certain users have special ranks on the Pixelmon forum.

  • AdministratorRank.png This user leads the development of Pixelmon and related services (e.g., sidemods, Pixelmon launcher, Pixelmon forum, Pixelmon Discord).
  • CompetitiveRank.png This user moderates the Competitive section of the Pixelmon forum.
  • DeveloperRank.png This user is a developer for Pixelmon or its sidemods.
  • DonatorRank.png This user has donated at least $5 to Pixelmon and has access to a sash.
  •   HelperRank.png   This user is a moderator of the Pixelmon forum.
  • JrAdminRank.png This user manages multiple areas of Pixelmon, including development, forum, wiki, issue trackers, and Discord.
  • ModelerRank.png This user models Pokémon and items for Pixelmon.
  • SuggestionsRank.png This user moderates the Suggest a Feature section of the Pixelmon forum.

If a user does not have any of the above ranks, the user's "rank" will be displayed by a number of PokeBallForum.pngPoké Balls, GreatBallForum.pngGreat Balls, UltraBallForum.pngUltra Balls, or MasterBallForum.pngMaster Balls depending on the user's post count.

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