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This is a list of frequently asked questions in regards to the spawning mechanics of Pixelmon. Any questions in regards to setting up Better Spawner or Spawning JSONs will be linked to the appropriate page.


How is a Pokémon's rarity determined?

Within the External JSON files for spawning each Pokémon is assigned a rarity value of 0.1 to 300. Then these values are compared against any other Pokémon within the same Biome, Time, Y-axis, and Weather to determine the overall rarity for each Pokémon at that moment. Certain Pokémon will be rarer than others due to method of evolution, stage of evolution, or viability of acquisition. Others will be excluded due to the method of obtaining said Pokémon (i.e Fossil Pokémon or Baby Pokémon).

Why does the Wiki not use % for rarity anymore?

We have moved from using percentages to a rarity scale. Common, Uncommon, Rare, Super Rare, and Ultra Rare depending on the rarity value set in the External JSON files. This will provide a baseline guide as to what is meant to be easy to find compared to what is not. Percentages can differ depending on too many factors to create an accurate guide. Especially if you are on a border between biomes, you will pick up spawn checks for both which will skew the results greatly.

How does Legendary spawning work?

How does Ultra Beast spawning work?

Ultra Beasts use the same spawning mechanics and system that regular Pokémon use for the overworld. The only difference is these Pokémon can only be found in Ultra Space and will be found within their respective biomes as they are added in. They will be treated as a Ultra Rare Pokémon.

How do I edit the spawn files?

You can enable External JSON files via the pixelmon.hocon and changing the selection on useExternalJSONFiles from false to true. Upon reload you will have a pixelmon folder. Enter this folder and find spawning. From there you will see a default selection. Select this and then you will see a series of choices that you can select and edit depending on your choices. These choices include caverock, fishing, grass, headbutt, legendaries, megas, npcs, rocksmash, standard, and sweetscent. The most commonly edited section will be standard as these are the spawns within the overworld.

How do I stop all spawning?

There is a variety of methods that can be used to stop spawning in various capacities. If you are trying to stop spawning via generations then you can go into the pixelmon.hocon and find the section Generations of Pokémon to Spawn and then turning each one to false. You can also enter the Better Spawner/Config and edit the dimension section. You can remove any valid dimension IDs and replace them with a random numerical ID that will not be used.

How can I stop spawns in this one area or dimension?

You can enter the Better Spawner/Config and edit the dimension section. You can remove the dimension ID for wherever you do not want the Pokémon to spawn. Conversely, you can also use this method to add new dimensions for Pokémon to spawn in. To stop spawns within a certain area you can dictate this by editing the "globalCompositeCondition" and set an anticondition with minX, maxX, minZ, and maxZ. This will create a boxed area where Pokémon will not spawn naturally. If you are on a server you can also use plugins such as GriefDefender and set specific flags to stop spawning within a claim.

How does Ditto Spawn?

Ditto spawns disguised as another Pokémon. Upon successful capture there is a 0.00005% chance of the captured Pokémon turning into a Ditto. List of Pokémon that Ditto can be disguised as can be found on it's wiki page.

How does Meltan spawn?

Meltan has a 1/8192 chance of spawning upon taking smelted metal ore product out of a furnace. These ores are Iron, Gold, Bauxite and Silicon. Smelting more than one item will increase the chance linearly, where a stack (64) of smelted items will yield a 64/8192 chance to spawn Meltan when taken out of the furnace. Upon catching, there is a 60% chance that the Meltan will become a Ditto.

Why are things being changed?

For the overall balance and depth of the mod changes are made to provide a better experience for all players. With the addition of new biomes, mechanics, and Pokémon; changes have to be made to adjust existing spawns to allow these new things to fit seamlessly into your world.

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