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Wiki Berry
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A Wiki Berry is a type of Berry that heals 50% of the holder's HP if the holder's HP is below 25% of its maximum HP. However, if the holder has a Special Attack-lowering Nature (Adamant, Careful, Impish, Jolly), the holder will become confused in the process. It can also be used manually while inside or outside of a battle, although using it while in a battle has the same potential confusion side effect. It can be obtained by using Forage on leaves with a Grass- or Bug-type Pokémon, or as a tier 1 special drop.


Pokémon drops

Main article: Drops

Pokémon Chance Quantity
Shellos 50% 1
Gastrodon 66.667% 1-2


Main article: Forage

Berries are foraged without considering their type. A random type of berry has the following chances of being foraged:

Pokémon type Block Chance
BugType.pngBug Grid Leaves.pngLeaves 31.429%
GrassType.pngGrass Grid Leaves.pngLeaves 31.25%


Natural Gift

Main article: Natural Gift (Move)

Natural Gift's type and power based on Wiki Berry is as follows:

Berry Type Power
Grid Wiki Berry.pngWiki Berry RockType.pngRock 80

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