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Ice Gym

From Pixelmon Wiki

The Ice Gym is a Gym that specializes in Ice-type Pokémon.


There are two different layouts for the Ice Gym.

Snowflake Gym


The Snowflake Gym is a glass sphere enclosing a snowed-in area with trees. To the left of the entrance is a small house. There is a series of ascending glass platforms around the perimeter of the Gym, which players can jump between and scale to reach the Gym Leader Korudo.

Frostfall Gym


The Frostfall Gym is a dimly lit building containing a partially frozen lake as its centerpiece, with platforms and Ice Rocks scattered around it. To get to the Gym Leader, players can jump across the ice platforms. If players fall off the platforms, they will fall into the lake, and will have to swim back to the entrance to try the jumps again.

The platforms first lead to the right side of the Gym, a room that houses several NPC Trainers. Then, another set of platforms on the lake lead towards the room on the right side of the Gym, where Gym Leader Frigus awaits.


The Ice Gym Leaders reward one of these Badges upon defeat:

One of the TMs/TRs below is also rewarded:




Snowflake Gym

Frostfall Gym

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