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Ground Gym

From Pixelmon Wiki

The Ground Gym, also known as the Sandstone Cavern Resort Gym, is a Gym that specializes in Ground-type Pokémon.


The Ground Gym's entrance leads to a furnished room with a large pillar in its center. Outside of this room is a balcony with several NPC Trainers and a ladder to the next floor.

The second floor contains more NPC Trainers. In the center of this room, two movement plates lead to the center of the room. However, the floor in the center of the room is made of timed falls, which will drop the player down the central pillar into a mine.

Inside the mine, Gym Leader George awaits in his room. The mine also has several resources that can be mined, including coal ore, iron ore, gold ore, bauxite ore, Fire Stone ore, Thunder Stone ore, Sun Stone ore, sapphire ore, amethyst ore, silicon ore, and Fossils. There is also Leaf Stone ore, ruby ore, and crystal ore hidden behind other blocks. To leave, there are stone pressure plates that open up a passageway back to the surface.


Gym Leader George rewards one of these Badges upon defeat:

One of the TMs/TRs below is also rewarded:




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