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Berry tree

From Pixelmon Wiki
Multiple Berry Patch


Berry trees are a unique species of tree that drop Berries. They can be found naturally in Villages in 2-4 patches with multiple patches depending on the size of the village.

Naturally occurring Berry trees spawn as a sapling or fully grown, and stay fully grown indefinitely until they are destroyed. They will always produce 1-2 Berries when right clicked on fruiting leaves.


When a Berry is used on grass, dirt, or farmland, a seed will be planted in the dirt; this seed will gradually grow into a Berry tree, which can then be harvested for Berries of the same type as the Berry that was planted. Make sure to plant the Berry on vanilla blocks. Modded may not work. Berries do not require a source of water to grow, unlike Minecraft's other plants, but require a light level of 9 in order to grow, using a Wailmer Pail or bone meal on the berry sapling helps it grow into a full tree.

After planting a Berry, a seed will appear in the dirt. As time passes the seed will grow into a tree where the leaves will grow the berries, The growth time of the berries is similar to that of normal crops.

Berry tree saplings can be destroyed, however they do not drop their respective berry. Berry tree logs like vanilla logs can be destroyed faster using an axe and the logs can be used for crafting certain wooden items based on the internal log color. This color can be seen ingame by observing the top face of a log.

Config settings

  • "wild-berry-trees": A setting in the Dimensions.yml that allows for berries to spawn naturally in the wild.


Before Pixelmon 9.0 the berry tree looked a lot different and took real time hours to grow their respective berries

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