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Several Pokémon have unique textures only available to them, in addition to their normal and Shiny textures. These textures are obtained through special methods.

Once applied, special textures cannot be removed except with a Pokémon editor.

Halloween Pokémon

The final evolutions of starter Pokémon and a few other Pokémon like Ditto or Arcanine are able to take on Halloween-themed appearances. In order to obtain one of these special textures, several conditions must first be met.

If all of these conditions are true, using a jack o'lantern on the Pokémon will convert it into its Halloween special texture.

The Spectral Jeweller (Haunter)

If a player earns the Spectral Jeweller special texture in an event held by the Pixelmon team, the /redeem command can apply a special texture to an owned Haunter to take on the appearance of the Spectral Jeweller. Currently, this special texture is occasionally distributed from giveaways on the official Pixelmon Discord,

Roasted Magikarp/Zombie Gyarados

A Magikarp turns into a Roasted Magikarp when struck by lightning. It is recommended to summon lightning with an external move, as it's easier than waiting for it to happen randomly. A Zombie Gyarados can be obtained by evolving the Roasted Magikarp.

XD001 (Shadow Lugia)

If earned via a giveaway on the official Pixelmon Discord, the /redeem command can change an owned Lugia to look like XD001, the Shadow Lugia from Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness.


If earned via a giveaway on the official Pixelmon Discord, the /redeem command can change an owned Wobbuffet to a VintageBeef-themed model and skin.

Sir Doofus III

If a Bidoof is caught with a Luxury Ball it will have a 1/30 chance to become Sir Doofus III, a special model for Bidoof that has a monocle with a tiny Pixelmon Reforged logo. Sir Doofus III can't evolve.

Valentine's Pokémon

If a Koffing, Weezing, Gardevoir or Spinda are caught during Valentine's day with a Love Ball they will become Loved Koffing, Loved Weezing, Loved Gardevoir or Loved Spinda respectively. When a Loved Koffing evolves, it will become a Loved Weezing.

Eternal Flower Floette

If you use Sweet Scent in Flower Forest there is a low chance for Eternal Floette to spawn. This Floette has higher stats than a regular Floette and it will learn Light of Ruin when caught. This Floette can't evolve in any way.

Spiky-eared Pichu

This is a special variation of Pichu that has a spiky ear. This Pichu is obtained if a Pichu with maximum friendship uses forage on the Ilex Shrine having a free slot in your party. It can't evolve.

The Spiky-eared Pichu will always:

Alien Celebi

This is a special variation of Celebi. When a player right-clicks on the Ilex Shrine with a Beast Ball a battle against an Alien Celebi will begin. It is based off Zim, from Invader Zim.

Alternative Kecleon

This is a special texture for Kecleon that spawns naturally in Jungles during Night with a rarity of 1.0

It is based off the purple Kecleon found in the Mystery Dungeon games.

Alternative Zoroark

This is a special texture for Zoroark that spawns naturally in Plains during Midnight with a rarity of 0.1

It is based off The Joker.

Sushi Pyukumuku

This is a special texture for Pyukumuku that spawns naturally on the Seafloor of the Ocean biome at All times with a rarity of 1.0

Crystal Onix

Crystal Onix is a special texture for Onix that spawns naturally on Mountainous and Mesas during Dawn and Morning at a rarity of 1.0 on land and a rarity of 0.05 in the underground. Its aspect is based off the Crystal Onix seen only once in the anime.

Pink Pokémon

Pink Pokémon are rare variations of already existing Pokémon, but their coloration is pink. They are all pretty hard to find. The current Pokémon that can be pink are the following: Beedrill, Butterfree, Venonat, Venomoth, Misdreavus, Mismagius, Nidoking and Nidoqueen.

They all spawn in the same biome their regular counterparts spawn in, except of Misdreavus and Mismagius, which spawn in the same biomes except of Evil. This concept is based off an episode from the series where Pokémon that eat a special kind of berry become pink.

Summer Pokémon

Summer Pokémon are rare variations of already existing Pokémon, but their aspect is more summer-ish (for example, wearing sun glasses, a swimsuit, a surfboard...). The current Pokémon that can spawn as summer Pokémon are Lopunny and Alolan Raichu. Summer Lopunny spawns in Cold Beach during the Morning at a rarity of 1.0 in clear weather. Summer Alolan Raichu spawns in Stone Beach during Dawn and Dusk in clear weather with a rarity of 1.0.

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