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From Pixelmon Wiki

Pixelmon adds several structures to Minecraft that spawn in a variety of biomes and locations. These structures can also be spawned using the /struc command.

Structure list

Name ID Image Locations
Gyms Electric Gym electricgym ElectricGym.png Towns
Fire Gym firegym InfernoGym.png
firegym2 BeaconGym.png
Flying Gym flyinggym FlyingGym.png
Grass Gym grassgym GrassGym.png
Grass/Bug Gym grassbuggym GrassBugGym.png
Ground Gym groundgym GroundGym.png
Ice Gym icegym SnowflakeGym.png
icegym2 FrostfallGym.png
Psychic Gym psychicgym PsychicGym.png
Rock Gym rockgym RockGym.png
Steel Gym steelgym SteelGym.png
Water Gym watergym SwimmersStronghold.png
watergym2 StreamPlaza.png
Haunted Tower hauntedtower HauntedTower.jpg Birch Forest
Roofed Forest
Poké Mart townmart1 PokeMart.png Towns
Pokémon Center center1/towncenter1 Pokecenter1.png Birch Forest
Mega Taiga
center2 Pokecenter6.png Cold Taiga
Ice Plains
Ice Plains Spikes
center3 Pokecenter4.png Birch Forest
Mega Taiga
Roofed Forest
Shrines Fiery Shrine fireshrine Fiery Shrine.png Mesa Plateau
Mesa Plateau F
Mesa Plateau F M
Mesa Plateau M
Frozen Shrine iceshrine Frozen Shrine.png Cold Taiga M
Ice Mountains
Ice Plains
Ice Plains Spikes
Static Shrine lightningshrine Static Shrine.png Savanna M
Savanna Plateau
Savanna Plateau M
Spear Pillar spearpillar Spear Pillar.png Extreme Hills
Extreme Hills+
Extreme Hills+ M
Extreme Hills Edge
Ice Mountains
Arc Chalice chalice Arc Chalice Struc.png Desert Hills
Desert Hills M

Config settings

  • "spawnStructures": If disabled, Pixelmon structures will not spawn naturally.
  • "spawnBirdShrines": If disabled, shrines will not spawn naturally.
  • "spawnGyms": If disabled, Gyms will not spawn naturally.
  • "spawnPokeMarts": If disabled, Poké Marts will not spawn naturally.

External JSON files

Structures can be edited by enabling the "useExternalJSONFiles", which will create a folder at the path, "pixelmon/structures" (relative to the Minecraft game directory). Details about the contents of this folder and editable aspects can be found here.

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